Knitter's Lotion Bar: Autumn Woods PRE-ORDER


Please note: We are currently taking pre-orders for these lotion bars and will be shipping them in mid-October. I will be posting updates on my blog as we make progress production. Any other items you place in the same order as this lotion bar will ship altogether, at the same as this bar.

When I started dyeing yarn earlier this spring, my hands started to get really dry from all of the washing and rinsing of yarn I needed to do. I got interested in making my own lotion bars with my own customized essential oil blends. I've been so pleased with how they well they work and they smell absolutely amazing!

Made with beeswax from local bees; coconut oil; unrefined shea butter; lanolin; and essential oils of cedarwood, fir, balsam Peru, and a drop of cinnamon, the Autumn Woods lotion bars have a nice light, earthy, spicy scent, perfect for fall.

To use, just hold the lotion bar in your hands for several seconds until it starts to melt a bit, then rub lotion into skin and cuticles, or anywhere you need some TLC. It also works great on feet, elbows, and knees.

Please note: Lotion bars are solid at room temperature but can start to soften in very hot weather while in transit. Your bar will be packed in a tin with absorbent paper, but shipping to or through warmer climates may result in the design appearing a bit soft by the time it reaches you.

All bars come in a reusable tin, as pictured. Net weight: 2 oz.