The Mist and All Cross Stitch Sampler Pattern: Wholesale


I love the Dixie Willson poem “The Mist and All” that starts,

“I love the fall
The mist and all.
I like the night owl’s
Lonely call—”

and ends with the narrator enjoying a cozy fire within.

In my design, owl, crow, and mushroom converge on a cloudy night with a
golden moon above, evoking autumn’s quiet evening beauty.

  • Professionally printed 4-page letter-sized pattern, packaged in 2ml resealable clear hanging bag
  • Full-color cover and info sheet on 100# glossy cover-weight paper
  • 2-page, easy-to-read B&W chart on 28# laser bond

Finished size of design area: 96 stitches wide x 128 stitches high; 6"w x by 8"h (15cm x20) on 32-count fabric

Fabric: 32-count evenweave linen from Wichelt in Natural Brown Undyed

Threads: All threads used are DMC brand. All cross stitches are worked over 2 threads using 2 plies of floss throughout.