Handmade Soap: Dreamsicle


When I started dyeing yarn a few years ago, my hands started to get really dry from all of the washing and rinsing of yarn I needed to do. I got interested in making my own lotion bars with my own customized essential oil blends.

That led to Andy and I experimenting with making our own cold-process soap. Making cold-process soap is ancient magic; it involves mixing fats and oils with sodium hydroxide  — lye — and then mixing rapidly but patiently as the solution saponifies, and turns into a glorious loaf of soap.

We use all natural ingredients in our soaps, including natural colorants made from botanical materials and clays as well as fragrances that come only from essential oils and plant-based fragrance oils whose ingredients are derived solely from botanical sources.

Our soaps are very large. Ranging from 7.5 oz. to over 9 oz,, we cut each bar by hand and wrap and label each one, making them the perfect little gifts for giving.

Dreamsicle soap is summer's treat and smells like my favorite ice cream bar, with a mix of citrus and vanilla scents.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, castor, and avocado; orange, grapefruit, and balsam Peru essential oils; Kaolin clays.