Hand-Dyed Six-Strand Cotton Embroidery Floss: Collection 1


I had the urge to dye some embroidery floss this winter and thought I would make a little Valentine's collection for you! I truly love using hand-dyed floss because it gives your finished embroidery, whether you're doing cross-stitch or just embroidering on the surface of your fabric, a richness and depth that is unmatched. I like to dye colors that have very subtle variations so that the floss just develops a gorgeous and sophisticated depth of color. The shades in this collection include, from left to right:

Oh Dearheart!: A pretty light burgundy with with lighter pink highlights and an occasional patch of warmth.
Constance Spry: The lightest possible clear pink with tiny patches of yellow, reminiscent of the center of a newly blooming rose.
Wintermint: Pale mint green with a bit of a bluish tinge and an occasional patch of brighter, yellower green. 
Dried Roses: A lovely, cool pink with pretty little blotches of darker mauves, like the edges of dried rose petals.
Cherry Fizz: The floss with the most ombre variation, this brighter, punchy pink has patches that veer toward sweet, almost tropical red. Seriously yummy!

All floss is DMC brand. Each one of five colors comes in a hank of 10 1-yard lengths, threaded through a card. Colors are dyed with Rit dye and finished with ColorStay Dye Fixative. They are washed and rinsed multiple times to be as colorfast as possible, though I would store away from sunlight and I would only use these on items that you will not be washing, to prevent the possibility of the reds bleeding slightly.

I plan to dye these small batches of floss frequently, so please consider collecting them all! More to come soon!