Handmade Soap: Cherry Cream


Cherry Cream soap is actually my favorite soap of this launch and is the one I use in the shower. It has a very light scent of cherries and a gorgeous pink color that comes from the addition of rose clay. It is topped with a light smattering of dried rose petals and crystals of pink Himalyan salt. It's a bit petite (this was the first loaf we made this year, and we were trying to figure out our best bar size) and comes in at around 5 oz. (142 g) and its price reflects that smaller size. All soap is priced per bar (though several bars may be shown in the product photos).

To take care of your bar of cold-processed soap, try to avoid letting it sit in a soap dish filled with water. For the longest lasting bar, it's best to let it completely dry out between uses.

Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), mango butter, shea butter, castor oil; fragrance oil, rose clay, titanium dioxide, topped with rose petals and pink Himalayan salt.

Our soap story:

When I started dyeing yarn a few years ago, my hands started to get really dry from all of the washing and rinsing of yarn I needed to do. I got interested in making my own lotion bars with my own customized essential oil blends.

That led to Andy and I experimenting with making our own cold-process soap. Making cold-process soap is ancient magic; it involves mixing fats and oils with sodium hydroxide  — lye — and then mixing rapidly but patiently as the solution saponifies, and turns into a glorious loaf of soap.

We use skin-loving ingredients in our soaps, including high-quality oils and butters, as well as natural colorants made from botanical materials and clays, micas and fragrances (both essential oils and synthetic fragrances) from only reputable suppliers, and additives that promote bubbles (sugar!), bar hardness (sodium lactate), and citric acid (to help prevent rancidity and soap scum being left behind on your tub).

Our soaps are large! We're still figuring out what the perfect-sized bars are for us, but currently our bars range from 5 oz. to 7 oz. We cut each bar by hand and wrap and label each one, making them the perfect little gifts for giving.