My Sweetiepie ABCs Sampler Kit Floss Organizing

The floss colors in the My Sweetiepie ABCs Sampler kit are arranged in three groups: A, B, and C. To organize them, please consult page 2 of the pattern and make five labeled floss caddies out of chipboard. Then, starting with Group A, separate lengths of floss by color and quantity using the Color Key on page 3 of the pattern, and place them in your labeled slots. To help you separate colors that are close in color and the same in quantity within a group, these photos may help you.

The only two colors that I think are tricky to tell apart are Pearl Gray 415 and Pewter Gray, very light, 168 (both in Group C). There is only one length of each of those colors. And quite frankly, they're so close they're basically interchangeable, but the Pewter Gray, very light, has just the slightest tint of green to it, compared to the Pearl Gray. Other than those two, you should be able to figure the rest out from the color names and pictures:

Group A:

Group B1:

Group B2:

Group C1:

Group C2: