'Night, Neighborhood Floss Organizing

The floss colors in the 'Night, Neighborhood Sampler kit are arranged in two groups, A and B. To organize them, please consult page 2 of the pattern and make four labeled floss caddies out of chipboard. Then, starting with Group A, separate lengths of floss by color and quantity using the Color Key on page 3 of the pattern, and place them in your labeled slots. To help you separate colors that are close in color and the same in quantity within a group, these photos may help you.

Some of the colors in Group B are a bit tricky to tell apart, but if you use the squares on the Color Key to help you distinguish one color from another, I think you'll be okay. Take your time and do the easiest colors first; when you're left with the rest, separate them into their individual colors and, by process of elimination and these photos, you should be able to get them all sorted properly. 

Group A1:

Group A2:

Group B1:

Group B2: