How to Make a Little Rosebud Hair Clip

Making a little rosebud hair clip is really easy. You just need a pin-curl clip (available at beauty-supply shops), some 3/8" ribbon, fabric glue, and some (preferably wool or wool-blend felt). And of course scissors!

Glue the ribbon to the clip — start with the inside part of the lower prong, then wind around the pincers at the back, come down the top of the upper prong, and tuck the ribbon under the top prong. I go all the way back to the spring (see the photo below). Don't put too much glue (if any) on the part of the pincers where your thumb rests — this part won't be covered by felt and if the glue shows through you will always see it there. 

Cut some felt in shapes that look like this, more or less. I use two colors of felt on my flowers — a darker shade in the center and a lighter shade around the outside. Cut two strips with a scallop at the top edge and a straight edge across the bottom. do this freehand and don't worry too much about making the petals regular or perfect. It will look better if you just wing it. These strips around about 6.5" long. If you want the flower to be bigger, or the inside or outside color to be more dominant, just cut the strips longer.

Roll up the darker strip and glue the last part of it to itself. It should stay all rolled up.

Roll the lighter color around the bud you just created, and glue the end. The photo above shows how it looks on the bottom side. Smear glue all over this bottom side and glue it to the leaf. Really press down on the rosebud and smash all the petals open. Don't worry that the leaf is bigger than the flower. You're going to trim it in a minute.

Trim the green felt into a leaf shape around the flower. Add another little leaf underneath, if you'd like. Glue the flower to the barrette, and you're done! Cute!

Note: Please don't leave babies or toddlers alone with a hair clip in. They could take the hair clip out and put it in their mouth. Always remove hair clips before naptime or any time baby will be unsupervised.