Prettiest Party Hats Sewing Pattern


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My dear daughter is turning three this year. At her birthday party last year, when she was two, I was surprised to see that she wore her little paper party hat for every minute of her party, and then almost every minute of her actual birthday. I was surprised because I'd never seen her tolerate anything on her head for longer than about thirty seconds.

This year I knew I wanted to make her a special hat, and this is it! This pattern will help you to make the four party hats designed here. The pattern includes templates for numerals 0-9 as well as the entire lowercase alphabet, in case you want to put the birthday girl's initial on her hat, instead of her age. :)

Approximate finished size: 7" (17.5cm)

This pattern contains:

  • Stitching instructions for hats with color photos for each step
  • Illustrated embroidery tutorial
  • Printed pattern templates
  • Templates for numerals 0-9 and the entire alphabet

You will need:

  • Wool-blend felt in various sizes and colors to complete hats
  • DMC embroidery floss
  • Elastic cording for chin straps
  • Clear sequins and clear beads
  • Metallic tinsel poms
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing
  • Pinking shears (scallop or zig-zag)
  • Sharp embroidery needle
  • Tiny needle for adding beads
  • Water-erase fabric marker
  • Paper scissors, sharp fabric scissors, and embroidery scissors
  • Fabric glue